Retirement Specialists

Real Estate Agent with The Coven Team, Remax Realty Centre

Ok, you are now ready to retire and you have always dreamed of sunny winters in Florida!  You Google "Florida Retirement Communities" and are amazed at the results.  You realize that you need to narrow the search and remember the neighbor went to The Villages in Lady Lake.  Your boss retired to Legacy of Leesburg and your friends have visited Lake County and are raving about Lakes of Mount Dora!  How do you make a decision on where to visit during your one week stay? 

First consider your lifestyle.  Do you love fishing? golfing? nature walks? or plenty of activities to get involved in?  Will you be on a fixed income?  If so, you will need to consider the cost of insurance in the middle of the state verses the coastal areas.  It is much cheaper inland.  What hidden costs are there to a community?  Most Home Owner's Associations provide cable t.v. and garbage and some offer lawn mowing in the package.  Make sure you understand the difference between HOA fees; Amenities Fees and CDD bonds!!!! 

How stable is the community and the developer.  How can you compare how far your money will go and how much home you can afford?  Lake County alone has over a dozen active adult communities.  Searching on is very time consuming and some of the homes are sold before you can get to Florida and then you have to search again!

HERE'S WHERE THE RETIREMENT SPECIALIST comes in!!!  THE COVEN TEAM specializes in Active Adult Communities in Central Florida.  We publish a free comparison sheet on the communities and when working with clients we have them fill out a buyer's survey before they arrive.  This, combined with our knowledge of the communities, all the fees and all of the activities; allows us to match their needs with the community and help them find the perfect home within their budget.  This saves the buyer sooooo much time and worry!  Our clients often tell us; "We could not have done this without you!". 

AND WHAT A GREAT TIME TO BUY!  Prices in Lake County are down 40% and a great three bedroom home can be gotten between $150,000 and $190,000!  Leave your searching to the professionals and take the head ache and worry out of retiring to Florida!

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