The Importance of the Internet in Real Estate Today

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The internet has become a great tool for realtors to promote themselves, their properties and businesses. Some interesting statistics:

  • In every age group, newspaper readership is way down. In the 30-45 age group, less than 35% of people read a newspaper. Even in the 45-55 age group, only slightly more than 45% of people read the newspaper.
  • That same study disclosed that only 21% of traditional buyers found their agent through brochures, flyers, or mailers to their home and that NO Internet buyers found their agent that way. The study said that 92 % of Internet buyers found their listing on a Web site and that 63% of Internet buyers found their agent through a search engine! What part of that don't you understand? Here's some breaking news: this trend will continue. Have you tried to get a teenager to read a book, lately? They are probably too busy IM-ing, texting friends on their cellphones or watching videos on Youtube. The next generation will be even less paper friendly and more Internet friendly.

2006 CAR® Economic Study:

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Mary Warren
Las Vegas, NV

This artiicle is so more than ever the internet is the way to go for business.  Listings, quality articles, and company MLS systems are viewed more than any other thing by prospective buyers/sellers.  It is not unusual anymore for sellers to call for a listing appointment because they saw an article by you, your website, or your name out there on the internet!  I'd say 90% of the sellers I do listing appointments with want to know how I will advertise their property and of course they want it on the internet...some still think print advertising, newspaper, r.e. listing books, etc are the way to go...but when they are shown NAR stats many quickly change their minds.

I sold a couple of places in the very early 90's (probably 1992-1993) via contacts from the internet.  Most of the other agents in my office laughed at me...'the internet is a 'fad' and stop wasteing your time" they would say.  It's called not being a visionary!!!!

Jun 03, 2007 04:09 AM
Carla Truscott
United Country WestMark Brokers - Montrose, CO

I totally agree with you.  Newspaper advertising only gets you about 8%+/- of your overall business.  All the other agents in my office say that the clients (sellers) expect their property in the newspaper, but I believe that if you explain to your sellers where the buyers are looking for property and that it is not in the local newspapers they understand and are excited about seeing their property advertised on the web. 

Jun 03, 2007 04:50 AM