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De-Cluttering Tips

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De-Cluttering Tips

When listing a home many Sales Agents will tell clients to DE-Clutter the home. What exactly does that mean and how do I do it? De-Clutter is removing anything that will distract potential buyers from seeing your home. It could be too much furniture in a living room, family pictures hung on the walls or a number of things.

First thing I always recommend taking down any personal pictures. Without personal pictures this allows potential buyer to vision themselves living in the home. Any Agent who has ever been on a showing appointment will tell you sometimes the buyer will spend more time looking at family photos and never see's the house.

Closets should be cleaned out.... Yes clean them out.. This is a great time for a garage sale or donate clothes you haven't worn in years to a charity, remember it is tax deductable. They can also be boxed up and put in an out of the way place such as the garage. This will also help later when moving.

If you are currently living in the home while it is on the market always make the beds, clean out the sink and pickup before leaving. Always keep your home in showing condition at a moments notice. Keep in mind a Sales Agent might have out of town buyer who is in town only a short time.

Now let's talk about the kitchen... This is a great place to box some of the dishes not being used and put them up. This too will make moving easier. The pantry should be organized. Put the larger items in the back and smaller items in front. Group like things together (spaghetti with spaghetti sauce). People like to see things organized. It tells them that the home has been well maintained. If you would like more tips or have more ideas about How To De-Clutter your home please contact me.

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