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Qualicum Beach is located in the Regional District of Nanaimo, British Columbia with total population of 8,502 as of the 2006 census. It has the oldest average population in Canada at 58.3 years.

An attractive seaside town on the east coast of Vancouver Island, it began as a lumbering, summer resort and retirement area. The name "Qualicum" comes from a Coast Salish term that means "where the dog salmon run."

Located on the Strait of Georgia on the eastern coast of Vancouver Island in the shadow of Mount Arrowsmith, the community has been a popular tourist destination for residents of Victoria and Vancouver as well as a retirement community. It is served by the Island Highway (the main North-South highway on the Island) and by a daily train. The community is dotted with rental cottages along the coastline.

The area has cool wet winters with 80 to 85% of the precipitation falling between October and April. The average annual precipitation is 1,314 millimetres (51.73 in). Mean daily temperature range from 1 ° C to 3 ° C (34 ° F-37 ° F) in January with cloud and rain from north Pacific air masses dominating the winter weather. High pressure ridges over the mainland can block easterly air flows bringing snow and freezing tempearatures during winter but do not persist as moist westerly winds bring above freezing temperatures. North Pacific high pressure cells influence summer weather which is warm, dry and cloudless.

A road was brought to Parksville in 1886 and extended to Qualicum in 1894. The E and N Railway reached Parksville in 1910 and Qualicum in 1914. H.E. Beasley, a railway official, sponsored the creation of The Merchants Trust and Trading Company which organized the original layout of the town and built the golf links and a hotel in 1913.

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