What I know For Sure About Salem Real Estate, April Moore, Broker

Real Estate Agent with John L Scott

Real Estate In Salem Oregon is a great market.  While areas of central oregon have had a extremely downturn market Salem Oregon is a better real estate market.  The market didn't see a extreme downturn but it is currently experiencing a down market but it appears like its a correction market.

Our dreams of real estate upturns have made people aware that the real estate market has a reality that prices that go up will come down but that's okay for the buyers in Salem Oregon who are looking for a nice place to live. 

One of my friends who purchased a house at the top of the market paid top dollar for his house in 2005.  He moved to central oregon from california thinking he had a great deal.  Two months after he paid top dollar of $300,000 for his one level home he found out the job he thought he had vanished in an instant. 

My friend kept the house 2 years watching his vaue drop month after month.  Finally I helped him find an excellent Broker who knew how to sell his home, Chris Sperry, Broker Keller Williams Realty was able to find a buyer because she priced the house right. Chris sold his house within two weeks. Now my friend has piece of mind that he was looking for, his house sold he lost money.  His loss was less than it would be in today's market. 

I pointed out to him that had he held onto his house he would continue to bleed from the downturn of the market.  No one has a crystal ball.  Don't wait until the market goes lower and lower.. Take the stearing wheel and do what it takes to sell the house.  There is always a solution to the sale of any home no matter where the market is located. 

Call me today so I can sell your house!  Call me today so I can find the house for you to buy in today's buyers market.!  503-930-8880.  Visit my web site   http:www/buysellsalem.com/  




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