The Tarlesson Family

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This is a blog of the Tarlesson Family's children conducting an African Dance at the Esparto Park. You must realize this is not just an ordinary family. They came recently from Libera where they we ran out of their village and many of the family members where slaughtered. This family has lived in the jungles and numerous refugee camps.  I cannot tell you the joy it brings me to be part of their American Dream which was to find a piece of land where the rest of the family could live and farm.  That happened. They are moving to the Capay Valley on a 50 acres ranch. Special thanks to Mr. McGuire in purchasing this farm for them until they are in a financial postion to purchase it themselves. Esrow should close soon.  Have you ever seen some one clean 20 acres or so of land with Machetes?  Stay tuned for an upcoming blogs.

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