Is Your Dryer Vent Properly Installed? Advice from the Wizard of Glenview, Illinois

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It is important that your dryer vent system meet current safety codes; inferior dryer vent systems or improper dryer vent installation can cause problems with your clothes dryer.  Your clothes dryer requires air-flow; when the dryer exhaust system is not functioning properly it can cause a fire.


Vinyl or flexible foil is no longer acceptable venting material for your clothes dryer.  Though this type was commonly used in the past, it has been discovered to be unsafe and inefficient.  Vinyl or flexible foil venting is easily crushed when the clothes dryer is pushed up against the wall.  Or, it sags, allowing lint to build up and restrict air flow.


Some flexible metal pipes are acceptable, but they are not recommended.  The best material to use is rigid metal which does not sag or become crushed.  Parts should be joined with metal tape, not duct tape or screws which protrude to the inside and catch lint.


Your dryer vent system removes heat, moisture and lint from your laundry as it is being dried.  If you have a gas dryer, it is also removing gas by-products including carbon monoxide from your home.  All clothes dryers should be vented to the outside of your home at least three feet from windows and entrances.


Professional dryer vent cleaning is recommended at least once a year to keep your appliance running efficiently and safely.  The fee for this service is small compared to the cost of repairing or replacing an over worked clothes dryer, or the cost of losing your home or even your life.


Mory Matias, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Chicago only installs rigid metal dryer vent systems.  Mory will do a thorough inspection of a customer's dryer vent system and explain what needs to be done to make the system safe and efficient.  DVW technicians are happy to spend time with customers to educate them on dryer fire prevention and energy savings.  Learn more at




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