FHA loans vs Conventional loans - Knowing the true comparisons

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Jeff Belonger explains a comparison of FHA and Conventional loans.

While FHA isn't the best choice in every situation... There is a reason why 60 - 70% of all loans are now FHA.

They just make sense for a lot of people.

Enjoy Jeff's article. I did!


Original content by Jeff Belonger


fha loans vs conventional loans

FHA loans seem to be one of the main choice of mortgages in the last 6 months or so. There are several reasons for this, which should be spelled out below in my comparison. What I hate hearing is that FHA mortgages have taken the spot of the subprime loans. This is not true by any part of the imagination. This statement is from those that are inexperienced in both the mortgage and the real estate industries. The realization has been that 30% of the subprime mortgages in the last 5 years previous to the last 2 years should have been FHA mortgages, not subprime.


To compound this, so many said just because you had a conventional loan, you had the better loan. This was not always true when putting 3% or even 5% down. In most cases, you were told this, because that particular lender was not FHA approved. Now?  Even with 10% down and credit scores less than 680, FHA loans in many cases, will be the best mortgage for you. You want to see a shocking example?  Here is an example of 20% down and it shows that the FHA loan was still better. Please read : FHA Loans vs Conventional Loans - 20% down - A Rude Reality Check




So you could argue the fact that this is my opinion, that FHA loans in many cases would be better for you. True, even though I have over 16 years of experience as a loan officer in the mortgage industry. But numbers don't lie. Let me show you.....


The example below is based on a $280,000 purchase price with 5% down. One reason why conventional rates are a little higher in this scenario as in FHA rates is because Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have added penalties per se. If you are putting down less than 30% and your credit score is less than 720, certain fee penalties would apply to you, which would increase your rate.  The FICO (credit score) that I am going to use is 679, which is above the average credit score and I will still show in this example that FHA loans are cheaper, even with 5% down.  


***And keep in mind, some lenders have penalties on FHA mortgages with credit scores under 660. And many lenders can't do FHA loans under 620. Just beware of those that promise you a mortgage with scores under 620. It can happen, but they aren't as easy as advertised.***

fha loans vs conventional loans










Disclaimer :  These rates are examples, but the spread shown in the example is real. To compare this scenario apples to apples, the fees are the same and with zero points. In this scenario, there is a $475 commitment fee and points. The conventional rate also includes the penalty for the 679 credit score.



Some of you might be saying that you will be adding $4,655.00 onto your principal balance if you did the FHA mortgage because of the FHA one-time mortgage insurance premium. This is correct and I don't want to confuse you with more numbers and charts. But here is a quick breakdown. If you kept your house for 5 years, you would have saved $11,916 in payments in 5 years. Subtract the Upfront Mortgage Insurance premium from the monies saved in 5 years and you have saved a difference of $7,261.00!!!   And one other thing that is very small, but still makes a difference. You will be subtracting a few more dollars per month from your principal because your interest rate is lower, which would offset the interest that you would write off on the 6.25% rate. Just something else to remember, but consult your tax consultant or CPA.



Lastly, keep in mind that depending on the area that you are buying or refinancing in, that you might not be able to get a conventional loan unless you have 10% down or a 90% LTV. The reason being is the mortgage insurance companies and how they view certain geographical areas and declining market areas.




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