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Properly prepared for the market...now bring the buyers!

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Kudos go out to my clients in preparing their family home of over 30 years for the market.  We all know that moving is one of life's most stressful events, but preparing your house for the market has got to rank right up there with it.

This is especially true for those families who bought their first home and lived life's best moments in it.  Those families that started careers, raised children and pets, spent some time as empty nesters, and maybe even got to receive their grandchildren in these homes are especially deserving of our respect as they take on the enormous task of preparing their house for the market.


Nested in a quiet, traditional Kenosha neighborhood, the owners of 1414 73rd Street did just that.  And they did a great job that is sure to pay off, even in a "less than hot" market.