North Korea, the Economy and Marilyn The Realtor

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North Korea, the Economy and Marilyn the Realtor North Korea is again making trouble in the world, rattling its sabre and generally causing irritation in that region of the world. It seems that this is likely to continue for some time. However, there is plenty of good news in this part of the world. Middle Tennessee, due to its diversification of industry, has weathered the recession better than many other parts of the US. While we were not immune to declining home prices and rising unemployment rates, we fortunately did not experience catastrophic economic conditions experienced by others. This continues to lay a strong foundation for buying or selling homes and land in Middle Tennessee. Mortgage rates continue to amaze all onlookers with persistent historic lows. Home and land prices are beginning to find their legs again. Savvy real estate investing has never been a smarter move for those wanting to diversify their portfolio. So, while North Korea may be trying to makes its little corner of the world jittery, intelligent real estate buying and selling in Middle Tennessee has never been safer.

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