Hiking Up Mt. Ti'rem and Hawk Mountain in Waterford, Maine

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If you enjoy the view of either Mt. Ti'rem or Hawk Mountain from your lakefront property, you might also enjoy the view of Keoka Lake, Bear Pond, Little Moose Pond and Long Lake from their summits. On a clear day, you can even see Sebago Lake in the distance.

Neither of these two hikes in western Maine is difficult nor takes long. I find I often enjoy hiking both on the same day.

I usually start at Mt. Ti'rem in Waterford. The trailhead for the Daniel Brown Trail, which was named in honor of a prominent citizen of the 1800s, is on Plummer Hill Road, just up the road from the Lake House Bed & Breakfast and the village green.

It takes less than an hour to reach the summit of this easy/moderate hike. A ledge at the top provides a perfect vantage point to view the lakes and surrounding mountains, including Bear and Pleasant Mountains. For a short hike, you'll enjoy a great view.

Another short hike is located about five minutes away on Hawk Mountain Road in South Waterford. Again, the round trip might take an hour, but allow yourself time to enjoy the view.

To reach the summit you'll find yourself walking gradually uphill on a gravel road. At the intersection, stay right. The sunsets are spectacular from the ledges of Hawk Mountain. And during spring and fall migration, this is a prime spot to watch the bird of prey for which this mountain was named.

Become a lakefront property owner on Keoka Lake, Papoose Pond or the Five Kezars and you can make it your habit to climb both mountains.

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