Common Home Buying Mistakes Even Smart People Make #1

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#1 Under-Estimating the Importance of LOCATION.

"Location, location, location" is arguably the most often repeated adage in real estate, and with good reason.  Location, and its importance is the most venerable principle in real estate.  Location is, without qualification, the most important influence on value.

Location is the key to: (1) How well you will enjoy living in the property, and (2) How well it sells when that time come.  Never ignore the power of location.  An inferior location will restrict the property's appreciation and hinder your ability to sell the property.  A superior location will enhance your life style and boost the property's appreciation potential. 

Recommendation:  Buy the very best location you can comfortably and confidently afford.

This is an excerpt from Raymond Stoklosa's HOME BUYING TUESDAY (  class  - the longest continuously running home buying class in San Mateo County (CA).  This class is designed - and regularly updated to reflect market conditions - to present tips, insights and practical advice for both trade-up and first-time home buyers.  It is sponsored by Community College Education Programs, City Adult Education and Recreation Departments, Senior Citizen and Consumer Service organizations.

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