Buyers and Investors, What are You Waiting For?

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Depending on which source you consult, many real estate markets reached bottom in January through March and prices are beginning to stabilize.  Foreclosures and bankruptcies have also reached a plateau although they're still continuing.  In addition, because of huge government debt, the government printing presses are running at full speed and the forecast is for inflation.....

Inflation is a two-edged sword.  Obviously, your dollar's buying power goes down.  It costs more to get less.... However, we haven't quite started full-swing inflation yet.  So with housing prices at all time lows in many areas, real estate is always a good investment in times of inflation.  If you've been waiting to buy or invest in a home or property, it seems like now is the time.  Especially if it's your first purchase (or you haven't owned a home in the last three years), you might want to take advantage of the $8000 first-time home buyer tax credit before it goes away. 

If you get in the market now, your real estate investments will most likely once again begin to rise in value.   You can take advantage of low prices, low interest rates, and you'll most assuredly start seeing a profit again on your investment in the future.  The economy is always in a state of flux.  Historically, whatever goes down must go back up and vice versa.  Forget all those gloom-and-doom naysayers, think positively, and look at this economic climate as a positive opportunity.

So what are you waiting for buyers?  Now is a great time to get in the market at an opportune moment before its too late.

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