Price is more important than everything today!!!

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When the market shifts, so should you.  Sellers are looking for agents that are not afraid to price their properties to sell.  Show them the numbers, don't be afraid to tell them the truth however much it might hurt.  Show them what's selling and what isn't.  Show them what their competition will be.  Be a realist.  Help them to understand what they need to do to price their home to BE IN the market and not "chase the market".

In a buyer's market, the buyers have control.  Make sure your sellers understand that. 

You will have the advantage over the other agents by having more properties priced correctly and selling.  More buyers attracted to your listings.  And more importantly, the more you sell, the more market share you will aquire, gaining name recognition, more buyers, and more listings!

Be optimistic about it!  Sellers love listing and working with positive, optimistic people!!  When you price properties right they sell, and they sell quicker than the competition.  it's a great time for sellers because they have an excellent opportunity to move up and get the house of their dreams.  Sellers who are relocating may be buying in a market where they are in a downturn as well, what they lose ont he sale, they can make up for in the purchase. your market!

Prequalify your sellers.

Update your listing presentation.

Get the right price!!

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