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In today's shaky mortgage climate, there's not much you can control. Not rates, not inflation, and not even changing programs. For some, it means it's time to look for another job. For others, it means it's time to start pinching pennies and cutting back. For loan officers who believe they are captains of their own destiny , it means it's time to think creatively and push forward!

I don't know about you, but for me, closing less loans is not an option. I want to see your business INCREASE, not level off; Or even worse, decline. The fact is that even with rising interest rates, there are still MILLIONS of dollars in real estate transactions being closed each day. The key is positioning yourself to be the loan officer involved in those transactions. If you have to go wider, then GO WIDER! Finding creative ways to get in front of more people, and stay in front of them. Ensure that your future customers notice - and remember - your business.

The One Thing That You CAN Control:
One aspect of mortgage transaction that you CAN control is, in fact, the MOST IMPORTANT; your marketing. There are fundamental steps that successful loan officers walk year after year, that drive in new business. Regardless of industry tenure, it's important to ask yourself every 90-days are you taking the necessary steps to keep your pipeline full? Develop, or even copy, creative means to stand out from the crowd. What are you afraid of?

It's vital to keep your information in front of your past clients on a regular basis. Ensure that your past customers notice - and remember - your business. Don't short yourself by providing excellent service and then failing to gather the referrals that you've earned. If you need some fresh ideas on how to stand out from the crowd, I found a book that may help to stir your creative side. I've posted a link below for you.

Ideas On Standing Out

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