My Biggest Mistake....sort of

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Ok, it's not the biggest. But it's an ongoing error, and if you added all the times I have fallen into that trap, does that add up to the biggest? 

Errors fall into two areas - errors of omission, and errors of commission. Omission - when you forgot to include something, or do something, that all your training and being says you should have. Errors of commission - when you know something was not well thought through, or not quite true, or downright wrong...and you do it anyway. 

Mine are errors of omission - which lead to toxic thinking.

When I forget to keep my head clear.

Part A) When I forget to listen to what I am saying, and how much time I might be spending on... REGRET.

Part B) When I forget to listen to what I am saying, and how much time I might be spending on...WORRY.

Both REGRET and WORRY are toxic, to yourself and to others.

Regret is all about the past, which is over, done, dead, and you can't do anything about. Worry is all about the future, and you're not there yet.

But they both do the same job...they keep you out of the present, out of being fully aware of what is happening to you right now, out of living and being and reacting in the "here and now" to the people you're with , to your surroundings, to the opportunities ready to be grasped.

Being fully aware is what makes you alive. Awareness is where possibility resides. What is more mistake-free than being fully aware, and following the possibilities?  Not much....


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