The Catskills Are The Hamptons Kid Brother No More!

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The Catskills used to be the stepchild of the Hamptons in New York, but not anymore. Even though we swap high fashion for hiking boots and snow shoes we still have the Woodstock Film Festival, horseback riding, celebs, estates and much more for a fraction of the price. The New York Catskill Mountain region is home to Woodstock, NY - the center of peace, love and anything goes. So if you are looking for a bargain rental look no further than this area a mere 2 hours north of Manhattan (nearly traffic-free). Slumming it never felt so good...on your pocketbook.

If you are looking to purchase property check out or have one of our personal shopper agents dig deep to fill your needs.

For value vacation rentals check out and where we are the local champions teaching owners to make the big bucks while guiding potential renters through the maze of rental hot spots for cheap bucks.

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