How Well Do YOU Know Green?-A Fun Quiz

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In today's competitive market a home buyer MUST be extra careful about who they choose to work with when buying a green home. The agent MUST be an expert; and so, as a service to all potential green home buyers here are a few things to look for-humbly brought to you out of the kindness of my heart-enjoy!

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This is a fine example of a green home.              This isn't. It's a shoe. It's not green & there is no Mother Hubbard.


This green home features bamboo floors.            This guy makes lots of green bamboo-zling folks.


This green home features a great kitchen.            This home IS a kitchen-tea & crumpets, anyone?


 This green home can withstand a howling wind.                  This one can't. And put on some pants.


This intelligent good-looking green home expert is the ONLY choice for all of your needs.         Uh . . .


Ok-we had a little bit of fun-however, I am well qualified to help you with any and all of your green home needs-plus we'll have fun while we're at it! I invite you to visit my website    or call me directly at 425-446-1878.

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Kevin Pierce
Cascade Builder Services - Tacoma, WA
New Construction Warranty Management

Too funny Bob.  Thanks for the laugh.

Jul 15, 2009 11:05 AM

Very Fun

Really your last active rain post, why?

The world needs funny

Jul 16, 2009 11:29 PM