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I have spoken with Glenn Maresca at Liquid Heating at great length and found the conversation to be very educational. The type of heating he directs his clients too consider is popular in Europe and is far more effective then the floor heating we use in the States.

"LEED" and "Built Green" Standards 

This site refers to LEED certification for green construction

I am a member of the MBA and Built Green  

I personally offer to pay as many fees as ethically possible on all Green Construction Loans and Green Remodel/Rehab Loans that I process. Bamboo flooring is very nice these days by the way.

Always remember to research as much as you can before making a personal decision regarding what materials you choose in conserving the environment. For example: Remember the big light bulb boom when everyone decided that halogen lights were better for the environment? Well information like this from Berkeley was already available at the time.

Just like a little research on Global Warming (scary) - You might just find out that your SUV has no impact on the planets temperature (so stop feeling bad and hit the gas). It does on the other hand affect some people (smog) and create bad reactions like asthma in children and adults (maybe a little less on the gas after all). The largest contribution to the greenhouse effect is in actuality water vapor - So then what happens to L.A. if we switch to Hydrogen Fuel that emits "safe water vapor" - Wouldn't that make L.A. a very humid rain forest of some kind? Might make for an interesting Disney attraction! The truth is Carbon in the atmosphere has decreased since the turn of the century and makes up for the smallest percentage of greenhouse gasses. Shhhhh...Nobody tell Al Gore, just let him go! (don't go crazey on me now, I'm just saying hes a little misguided :) - What do we do with these Hybrid things again?

One mans entertaining and simplified breakdown of "Global Warming"

All I am suggesting is that before you spend money on any item you will place in your home that you take the time to be objective. If it is in the house or in the garage. Do not take my word for it and do your own research. You will feel much more justified in the end knowing you made a sound decision for yourself and your family.

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