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Ventrilo has always been the #1 choice for Online Gamers and Professional Gamers world wide. It is the clearest, most cost effective, and easy to use program available. Why don't professionals use it? THEY DONT ADVERTISE TO US BECAUSE THEY DONT NEED TOO! THEY MAKE MILLIONS OFF OF GAMERS! Why spend tons of money on phones and gadgets when you can use what you already have!

This also means that for a small price per month (listed below) you can communicate with people all over the world with no charges for long distance. There are NO hour by hour charges. Even the program is free (which is amazing to me)

"Voice over IP (VoIP) group communications software."

This means that for $41.00 per month you can allow up to 100 people to voice conference live. There are tons of companies too choose from. I found this company by just typing, "Ventrilo" +cheap servers in

Setting up Ventrilo is easy and I could guide anyone through it. You simply download the program, pick a company, they set up the server instantly most of the time, and then you connect. You will need headphones and a microphone (and that's all) - I would suggest a good headset from Plantronics, they are priced correctly, sound great, and last longer then any other brand I have picked up in the past.

Once you connect you pick a username. Then you add a server (the interface is small and straight forward it's impossible to get lost) and put in the IP (which is provided by the server company) - You can give people different passwords for different channels or to admin the server. This means that if you have a 100 person server you can have one channel for marketing, one channel for management, and so on and so on. By putting a password on the different channels you choose who has access to which channels. You can either use the option "Push button to talk" - This makes it so that no one can hear you unless you hold down that key or mouse button - Or you can make it so that your microphone stays active and you are hands free. You can change how loud you are, how loud someone else is, and how loud everything is in general. It is simple very simple to use and learn. I believe you can use this on portable more hand held devices as well. This means that you can have several people in the field, hands free, speak anytime they wish, and be heard by everyone. If you have a wireless connection then your laptop is a meeting place eveywhere you go.

I tested this out for coaching a few weeks ago. I sent wireless head sets to everyone that would be on the call. I was able to stand and walk around my office, speak at will, and hear everything loud and clear. It was perfect. Remember, everything is in digital quality so it sounds better then your phone or cell phone. The best part...You don't have to dial some 1-800 number, put in your code, then enter the password, and hit # whatever to mute your line, then # whatever to talk again...Sitting there holding a phone to your head...You can freely write notes, flip pages, handle things, and work at the same time. You just log in then turn the mic switch on and off...I like the future :) 

 If you have any further questions or would like me to help you with anything feel free to ask.

 - David

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