How well do you know your Realtor?

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Did you select the right person to work with?

Lately I have been really trying to put myself into the shoes of a buyer or seller, what qualities would I look for in my Realtor? What would I want them to be like? Have similar interests, live in the area I'm looking in, listen to my needs. There are so many qualities to consider.  Would I look for someone who seems to have all the listings and is dominating the area, best marketing message, does loads of advertising.  How would that help me? Does a realtor that has a large profile do a better job then one who doesn't? These are questions that I would have.  After all these thought provoking questions I was driving myself crazy.


My belief on this subject is that you should interview realtors and ask some very serious questions. Ultimately, when selecting someone to work with you should ensure they listen to you and answers your questions. You should be compatible and enjoy your working relationship. I think that selling or buying should be a fun process and hopefully you build a lasting relationship with whomever you chose!

Something I have done to help clients get to know me better is to have my previous clients participate in a video testimonial. Which is available on my website, please click the link below: 
I know alot of realtors have client testimonials on their websites in writing, having the video is more interactive and gives you a personalized feel to how I am. 


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