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Fleming Island Market Conditions

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Flemin Island Activity through May 2007:

The below chart shows the residential homes and condos for the end of May 2007.  The top line is active listings, the bar represents Months of Iventory the line that is next to the bottom is New Listings in May and the bottom line shows Units Sold in May.


As you can see January was a very bad month for Fleming Island with 472 Active Listings, 16.86 Months of Inventory, 178 New Listings and only 28 Sold Listings.  May was considerably better with 551 Active Listings, only a 8.35 Months of Inventory, 154 New Listings and 66 Sold Listings.  Fleming Island remains one of the better markets to be selling in if your property is correctly priced and marketed.  We should expect to see Fleming Island remain strong through July and part of August.

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