Real Estate Agent with Dean & Leininger of Kalispell

It seems like we can't turn on the news or read a paper and hear about the dismal state of the real estate market and economy in general. Well, I have decided to take a look at the positives of the current state of both. Here are the reasons:

1) RECESSION=OPPORTUNITIES - There is no better time to purchase "screaming deals" as now. We have seen prices come down from all time highs and yes...they will go back up, the question is when.

2) INTEREST RATES ARE LOW=OPPORTUNITY - What a great time to buy when we are seeing interest rates at all time lows!

3) TAX CREDITS=OPPORTUNITY - There are so many different credits out there that can help you get into a home. The $8,000 first time home buyer credit is a wonderful opportunity!

So with all of these things combined as they are now...WHY NOT BUY? We are seeing some outstanding opportunities for investors. Call today to find out how you can invest in real estate.


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