Home Staging is a Marketing Service for the Real Estate Industry

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Home Staging is a Marketing Service for the Real Estate Industry

An Expensive Home with 1980's Master Bath get Luxury Staging

Home staging is really starting to come into its own as an industry.  Although it appears to be related to interior design, home staging is actually a marketing service for the real estate industry. Really? Well, it depends who you talk to, and what their focus is.

Savvy real estate agents understand the value of staging a home as part of the marketing plan to sell quickly, and for top dollar. Even homeowners are starting to understand the value of staging, and shop for listing agents who include home staging in their marketing plan. John Jones is a listing agent who really understands the importance of staging!  You can view John's videoblog about staging on my website using this link: www.stagingbygina.com/contact.html

Now that the internet plays such a crucial role in all our lives, naturally it has affected the way homes are marketing for sale.  Prospective homebuyers most often start their property search on the internet.  Here in Southern California, homebuyers often want to view a property on the internet before they ever agree to see it in person!  They don't want to waste their time, or be disappointed, so they pre-screen properties.  In this buyer's market, savvy listing agents and homeowners understand the value of home staging to prepare the home for great photography.

As the saying goes, a picture's worth a thousand words!!! How true in this internet age.......

Understanding this is understanding home staging is a marketing service for the real estate industry.

After all, a house may be the homestead of the current owner.  But it is also an asset, an investment, with a market value.  While a house has emotional equity, it is also a commodity with a dollar value.

But in this current buyers market, how can you make sure this commodity (the house for sale) gets sold quickly and for top dollar? With great marketing, of course! And although I do have an extensive background in marketing, let's stay focused on home staging as a marketing service for the real estate industry.

Let's use the example of a fine clothing boutique.  To sell a dress for $1,500, the dress will, of course, be spotlessly clean, perfectly pressed, and beautifully displayed.  The boutique will have a soothing environment, with nice music, beautiful decor, and excellent service.  All of this is marketing! Anyone who is willing to buy a dress for $1500 would expect nothing less!

In this current buyer's market, a qualified homebuyer must have great credit, a substantial down-payment, a verifiable track record of consistent stable income, and the courage to commit to a mortgage in this economy.  Today's qualified homebuyer feels ENTITLED TO THE VERY BEST HOME IN HIS PRICE RANGE.  And they are! And, of course, the staged home is perceived as the best home because Mr./Ms. homebuyer can visualize themselvesf living there. Why? Because staging demonstrates lifestyle and usable space, showcasing the property just like the boutique showcases the dress.  Home Staging is a marketing service for the real estate industry! 

Occasionally, a listing agent will have a homeowner who is more concerned about their emotions, their convenience, and any number of other agendas. Although this homeowner wants and/or needs to sell, they have have a very long list of reasons why they don't want to clean their carpets, replace the ratty curtains, or pack up their priceless collection of beer steins painted with naked ladies. A great stager will be able to help in this scenario. 

A great home stager will reinforce to the cause of the listing agent, adding another voice of reason, another voice to be " the tough guy"- breaking the bad news that the ceramic pig collection won't help the house to sell, and that "it'll be safer packed away from curious hands". A great stager can offer assistance to the homeowner, so that they're supported in this difficult transition from "home" to "commodity being marketed for sale".

So, the right home stager can be a a vital part of your marketing team.  



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Tim Green
Real Estate and Beyond LLC - Chandler, AZ

Thanks for sharing your success in your local market. I look forward to more posts.

Jul 16, 2009 04:00 PM
Beth Lester
Beth Lester Designs - Torrance, CA
Home Staging & Interior Decorating

What a terrific video to have on your website.  Third-party endorsements, oh yeah!

Jul 16, 2009 04:02 PM
Durham, NC

Great article!  I find working with a proactive agent--one who supports and understands staging--is a win/win for all three of us (counting the seller).

Jul 22, 2009 01:24 PM