Title Insurance... What does it cover??

Title Insurance with Pioneer Title Agency, Inc.

Most of us wonder...  What is Title Insurance?  What does it cover?  Why does my client have to have it?  Here is some information on a few policy's for the State of Arizona and what they cover....  (This info is general and can vary between companies.) 


· Someone else owns a recorded interest in your title

· A document is not properly signed, sealed, acknowledged or delivered

· Forgery, Fraud, duress, incompetency, incapacity or impersonation

· Defective recording of any document

· Unmarketability of title

· Lack of right of access to and from the land


· Mechanic's lien protection for work or materials done prior to the policy date except where the insured has agreed to same

· Unrecorded liens by the HOA

· Others having rights arising out of leases, contracts, or options

· Someone else has an easement on the land

· Forced removal of the residential structure because it extends onto other land or on to any easement, or it violates a restriction shown in Schedule B, or an existing zoning law

· Plain understandable policy language

· Automatic inflation coverage increasing policy amount up to 150%


· Living trust coverage

· Subdivision map act coverage

· Restrictive covenant violations by prior owners

· Enhanced access coverage

· Map inconsistency protection

· Post policy encroachment / post policy forgery

· Building permit/zoning violations by prior owners

If you have any questions about the title insurance in your area, contact your local Title Company for a list of coverages.   Hope this helps to understand Title Insurance a little better!  :)


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Scott Hoen
Carson City, NV
VP, Nevada State Manager, 714-270-9607

most consumers don't realize the simple benefit of having mechanics lien coverage -- especially with all the defaults that are going on and vendors not being paid for their work done on the home prior to sale.

Aug 28, 2009 07:55 AM