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Why many agents do not succeed: 80/20 to 95/5 to 99/1 Rule.

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Background:  I do not pretend to be the expert nor have I made millions but I make a good living and help other do the same.  I teach, coach and mentor many agents.  I have a mentor and friend who taught me real estate plus the experience I received on the job.

I recently placed this ad and emailed to select agents in my area:

Wanted for Immediate Hire, Training and Closings,

I am expanding my Real Estate Team and needing talent. 

I am looking for someone who is willing to:
- follow direction,
- work the whole city and Metro area,
- work, at least, 50 hours a week (evenings and weekends) as needed,
- learn how to do real estate right,
- dress and act professionally.
- show properties, meet clients and answer the phone.

This person should be a self motivated, good communicator and have reliable transportation.  Spanish speaking is a plus.  Be prepared to make $5,000 per month or more after splits.  No office fees and generous splits.  Real Estate license required.  I make money when you make money.

No calls please.  Email your back ground to:

Tony Barker
subject:  Talent

The replies were amazing to me.   Many were out of the business completely and were mad I asked to revive their business.  Several said my requirements were draconion and would never get anyone.  A few applied... poorly.  Wrong information, career history for real estate sales, and part timers who had no chance to work full time.  I did have a handful apply correctly.  2 actually did as requested, sent in a decent resume and gave a good cover note.   After a thorough interview, both (at separate times) were presented with a "roles and expectations" sheet for them and myself.  Both gleefully accepted.  Both were cautioned to take a day or so to read and think if they were prepared to do the items required to be successful.  Both in 2 days declined the position.   

Now I know lots of you will straighten me out on how to attract people.  Please bring it on.  But I want talent who will REALLY do the job and make money.  The interview style I use kicks them to the curb or they dive nose first to avoid "accountability".

It has been my experience, agents fail due to a lack of external accountability.  They want to work a small area of town (in the name of specialization, haha), they want 9-5 business hours. They want 5 days a week. They want buyers and sellers to show up and behave themselves to unspoken rules.  They want instant gratification (who doesn't).  They want training without going to class.  They want experience without rejection.  They want full time results on part time efforts. 

I know most of you "eating what you kill" in Real Estate at a high level have put in the time, energy and effort.  Put in the repeated class time, usually been accountable to someone, and took the hits you need to to get to your level.  Many of you expect to take a lot more hits, have embarassing moments, frustration meets amusement emotions.  To you I say congratulations. 

To the 99% of you who are reading these BLOGS all day and think you are working, I say the following: read my ad and do it for yourself or for an agent who has dozen of listings.  Get a mentor who will hold you accountable for your actions.  Training, lead generation, lead conversions and servicing times and attempts weekly.  Take lessons from your mistakes and successes.  Most importantly, do not give up!  Do not blame others (including God) for not succeeding.  (note: CAUTION ATHEISTS) God is not giving you a sign to leave real estate, it is your lazy butt talking. 

Real Estate, Amway, Avon... any and all.  Show up daily at 8 a.m. and do the hours to make your business work.  Learn the lessons needed to get business regularly.  Adopt a successful duplicatable real estate system.   Learn it to the highest levels by taking the same classes over and over.  Go take action.  Bring back your experience to the classroom. 

Thank you for my ramblings.  I hope this helps some of the 99% who need it.  For the 1%, please add to my advice.