Just how nice are the folks in Douglas AZ?

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What a day!

I was at my home office calling folks, following leads and responding to emails. By 1pm it just got too darn hot. Yes June is here! This is the hottest month for this area. So I got in my truck and drove out of the hills in air conditioning and went to town to pick up a lock box. Thought I would work at the office after that becuase it would be cooler there and I'd have folks to commiserate with.

Got my lock box and started to drive away and got that nasty ding (that is really more like a boing from the gong show!) "check guages" .....my oil guage was failing. It's all going through my head...every scenario of possibilities, I'm lucky I came out alive with all the stress from that gong! Hoping that my erratic driving to keep the pressure up wouldn't attract police I got myself and my truck to a service station. Of course I had turned off the air conditioner because I thought that was the cause since I rarely use it....so I was kind of rumpled and getting a bit of ....perspiration...I had to get there before my makeup started melting....I think I did.

.  "Help! my oil guage is reading horrors! " "Ayuda me por favor", cause the best I do is speak spanglish and under stress or cervecas my language is rather jumbled and I don't know what is going to come out! Their mechanics were out to lunch. be back in 20 minutes, "but if it is your oil guage then you really shouldn't drive it" the gentleman said behind the counter. "You can wait here" He graciously offered. There were 2 seats in barely an office and a gentleman got up from one, the other one had a snake next to it. In a terrarium of course. But he did make a point to tell me that it wasn't dangerous. lol.

Well I was hungry too, so I went across the street for a burger, all the while eyeing my truck waiting for the guy to get back. He must have been on the same schedule as me because when I finished my burger and walked back the mechanic was there and asking for the keys to look at my truck. I must point out here that the 3 working bays were full and 2 of them had a second vehicle waiting outside just behind. I sat by the snake and patiently waited.

Meanwhile the mechanic checked my truck for the problem. "Well maa'm good news, it's just the sensor. I'm going to call and find one and we can put it in."It took several phone calls in between calls coming in for both the manager (owner) and myself because, of course, the phone needed to ring with real estate calls just then. (Someone wanted keys to the property I had just taken the lock box from!) Douglas is small and it was his last available possibility that had a part. Now it is 3:45....He said it would take 2 hours to fix. I'm thinking I need to find a ride back to the hills cause it was too close to 5pm.

Well that wonderfull gentleman, Ignacio , said they could do it now and that he would take me to the library where I could use my laptop and be more comfortable.....then come pick me up when they were done....Now how cool is that!

He took me there. I set to working on figuring out why my css sheets (website stuff) were making words overlap. The other agent came to the library and picked up the keys. A friend called back to say they could help me get home. I declined saying that I thought it would be ok from what I had been told. less than 2 hours later (no I didn't find a solution to the css sheets issue) Ignacio called and said they would be coming to pick me up soon. My truck was fixed. YAY!

I sat outside on a bench on the sidewalk. .....Now we have only just gotten a small bus service in Douglas but these benches are everywhere for you to rest upon.....and I waited a bit longer than he said. Someone drove by that I met at the library . He knew I should have been picked up by then and said he knew the folks at the garage...and he simply called them...and spoke in spanglish just like me....and found out they were now just on their way. It's all good and he left. I shortly got back to my truck. Paid Ignacio gladly.

As we were departing I mentioned I could help if he or his friends and family wanted to buy or sell real estate. He lit up! "Do you do commercial?" he said. ""why yes! I have actually just been researching and mapping Douglas for opportunities"..........the other agent who came to get the keys interrupted with a call that he insisted I take........"sure , bring the keys by the garage I am here"......Then he continues to give me a pocket listing for his Garage and the neighboring liquor store. We chatted about it all for a while. Ignacio was the owner and a very good business man I might add. My truck was fixed and I found another opportunity. ......What a mixed up day.


Anyone else have stories from such a mixed up day?

If you are or know an investor interested in commercial investing in  Douglas , Bisbee or SE Arizona be sure to contact me.! It's always an interesting day here.







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