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USDA LOANS in WISCONSIN! This just in from the newsdesk at Rural Development! Staggering numbers!!!

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Here is a cut & paste of PART of the announcement on the USDA website here in the Dairyland State of Wisconsin!

Please note that the numbers I will list below are "staggering" because last year, in the State of Wisconsin, $257 million dollars worth of USDA loans were done!  As evidenced below, ALREADY, at the halfway point of the year, the USDA has guaranteed $145 million dollars worth of loans!  That works out to SHATTER the record set last year by 33 million dollars!



Let's do the math right quick!

Ths is a whopping...

$122,466 per loan!



In rural communities, and not so rural communities!

Folks, that means THAT THIS YEAR ALONE in the State of Wisconsin, thanks to the USDA, there will be :

270 NEW HOMEOWNERS!  Most of which are 1st time home buyers JUST UNDER THIS ONE PROGRAM!

Well, should we target this market or not??  Yes, I am laughing...OF COURSE WE SHOULD!!!!





Agriculture Secretary Vilsack and Transportation Secretary LaHood Discusses Administration Efforts, Collects Ideas on Strengthening Economic Development in Rural America


WEST SALEM, Wis., July 16, 2009 - U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today visited Wisconsin and held a 'Rural Tour' community forum to discuss efforts by the Obama Administration to rebuild and revitalize rural America, listen to local residents talk about how the federal government can assist them, and discuss solutions to challenges facing their communities. This event follows the launch of the Obama Administration's 'Rural Tour' in June.



"To overcome challenges and be successful in a new, 21st century economy, President Obama has asked that we reach out to people in rural communities across the country to listen, learn and facilitate problem-solving," said Vilsack. "It is critically important to hear the thoughts, concerns and stories about each community's vision for its future and to collect ideas about how USDA can better serve these communities."


Here's your WOW moment........

USDA's Rural Development has helped guarantee 1,184 loans worth $145 million in the state of Wisconsin through the Single Family Housing Loan program. These loans help residents and producers to have access to the capital they need to keep rural communities strong. 



 In June, President Obama announced that Secretary Vilsack will lead the Administration's Rural Tour to visit rural communities in states throughout the country. Secretary Vilsack is scheduled to lead Rural Tour events with a variety of other top administration officials over the coming weeks and months in Alaska, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. As the tenth similar forum Secretary Vilsack has led since being sworn, these upcoming events follow the rural listening sessions held earlier this year in Charlotte, Mich., Concord, N.H., Wattsburg, Pa., Danville, Ind., Geneseo, Ill., Harrodsburg, Ky., Ludowici, Ga., Portageville, Mo., and Brush, Colo.

All Americans can follow the Rural Tour's progress on a new website, www.RuralTour.gov or on Twitter at www.twitter.com/RuralTour .


Thanks for reading & Keep selling!




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Gosh Darin, do your blogs always have to be so meaty? Would you put a little fluff in there for once?

Signed PCCFB (the f stands for fluff)

Jul 18, 2009 05:39 PM
Kristin Johnston - REALTORĀ®
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I have 2 of these deals going on right now.....great info!

Jul 19, 2009 01:31 AM
Larry Bettag
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Vice-President of National Production

D...you're blogs are very meaty!  Love having a meaty man setting the precedent in Wisco!

Jul 19, 2009 04:23 AM
Gwenn Tanvas
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Hey Darin: Good information - I can just feel your enthusiasm - LOL You are not excited are you????? I love GRH loans - Sounds like you do too......

Jul 19, 2009 04:33 AM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Janet-  You know I said on ANOTHER blog, that there really are TWO kinds of blogs...Long & meaty, or short & sweetie!! :) ...wait..that's a good blog title!  Dont steal it! LOL    ALot of people choose one style or the other, and I THINK I have decided to write about technical information, alerts, and guideline changes, and then once in a while, throw in the fun stuff!  :)
  Opening questions for debate, is not something I am very good at!  -  Thanks J


Jul 19, 2009 08:33 AM
Darin Osenberg
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Kristin-  Thanks as always!  Glad you are working within the program and thanks for your nice comments on my last feature too!

Larry-  Thanks for defending my honor with the FLUFFY BUNNY queen!  I KNOW, they are meaty, but I will take all of this under advisement, and try to shorten them I think..just a tad!~ :)  I have been told by one of the BLOGGING masters, that blogging about GOOD QUALITY LOAN information is generally best for any & all search engines!

Gwenn-  I think this is the first time you have commented on my blog.  Thank you!  I had been hoping for some time that you would.  It is always good to get the opinion of your peers within our great state!  Thanks for your nice comments, and hopefully you read my other USDA one on all the announcements!  Take care, and thanks! -  Darin






Jul 19, 2009 08:37 AM
Mike Jones
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Thanks for pointing out and not so rural communities! It's surprising to find out how many not-so-rural homes qualify for USDA.

Mike in Tucson

Jul 20, 2009 11:05 PM
Darin Osenberg
Funky Quail Vintage - Nashville, TN

Mike, you are right!  THAT is why people have to use the WEBSITE to indentiy the property address!

Thanks!  Darin

Jul 21, 2009 04:02 AM