What's in Your Trunk/Car? Mine has...

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I should have been a boy scout because I like to be prepared for different situations.  However, I don't like the outdoors, so I'll stick with being a Realtor.  :)

I'm doing a mental inventory of things that are in my car/trunk that have come in handy to me as I go about my business.

1)  Febreeze -  I found a small container that fits in the glove box.  Perfect for when your car smells like food and you need to take clients out.  Or if you are in a home with a not-so-fresh smell.

2)  Hand sanitizer - Great for when soap/water are not available.

3)  Toilet Paper - How many times have you or a client needed to go and there is no TP around???

4)  Camp Chair - For doing Open Houses in those vacant homes and not wanting to stand the entire 3 hrs.

5)  Emergency Kit - Because that is just good to have.

6)  GPS - Because I get taken off track easily and even with my trusty machine, I miss turns!

7)  Paper/Pen - I use those paper pads that banks/title companies stick in my mail box at the office.  Great for jotting notes when checking voicemails.

There are probably other things I have or should have...What are some of the things that have come in handy in for you?


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Linda Landry
HomeSmart Realty - Tucson, AZ

LOL Joanna; gives 'junk in your trunk' a new meaning.

I also carry essential tools like screwdrivers, pliers, wirecutters and flashlight cuz ya never know.

Jul 19, 2009 07:06 AM
Joanna Quan
Keller Williams Realty - Alamo, CA
Realtor, SRES, Notary


Oh yes...the flashlight!  I do have one of those in the car too.  It is a wind up so I don't need to deal with batteries.  AND I have used it.  I do mobile notary and I was at a signing one night in an area with no street lights.  I couldn't see the numbers in the front of the house and it was hard to see where the curb was.  Amazing the areas people live in.

Jul 19, 2009 01:25 PM
Irene Tron
Valparaiso, IN

Thanks for your list.  I think I am adding the Febreeze to my trunk. 

Jul 20, 2009 12:42 AM
Tom Boos
Sine & Monaghan Realtors, Real Living - Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
Providing the very best of service to Sellers and

Umbrella, extra lockboxes, directional signs, toilet paper, windex, paper towel, work gloves, basic tool set, hammer, battery operated power drill, light bulbs, bottled water.

Jul 21, 2009 02:42 AM
Joanna Quan
Keller Williams Realty - Alamo, CA
Realtor, SRES, Notary

Tom -  Toolbox would be good to add to the car...though they don't do much good when one is not so handy with them  ;)  Light bulbs are another good one.  I did a open house a while back where the entrance hall was out and there were no windows...I had to keep the bathroom light on so that it wouldn't be so dark.

Jul 25, 2009 03:58 PM
Linda Landry

Hi again Joanna!  Couple of extra things that are helpful for me as well are a folding lawn chair and a complimentry FSBO sign from EXIT.  I also have my laptop and gym bag to add to the mix!

Jul 26, 2009 01:17 AM