Lovers of Hot Weather, Come to Concord, CA

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I grew up in San Francisco, CA where the locals think that 70 degrees is hot.  And in San Francisco, it IS!

But I no longer live in San Francisco.  I live in the East Bay area where for the last week or so, it has been over 100 degrees.  Thank God for air conditioning and double paned windows! 

I did visit San Francisco today.  I walked around in shorts and a t-shirt and was a bit cold...even though it was 68 degrees.  Locals probably think I'm nuts.  I probably would have agreed with them 6 years ago!

My friend was kind of enough to take a picture from his window this evening.  He's probably less then a mile from SF but I asked him for a picture of the fog so I could think about the cool for a little bit.

San Francisco Area Fog


Don't get me wrong, I love my suburban life here.  I'm just a bit drained from this constant heat.

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