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Canton Real Estate- 3 Great Burgers In Cherokee County

Tucked away on a country  road where a lot of people might never think to look, there’s a tiny place called Sugar Pike Junction where everyone from millionaire land owners to day-laborers convene at a common table. Also noted for its breakfast biscuits and “fancy chicken salad,” Sugar Pike is revered by locals for having some of the best burgers around.


Woodstock Real Estate: Umm.... Yummy Gelato

Woodstock’s own Scream Puffs and Pasticceria and Gelateria, voted best ice cream shop in the Atlanta-metro by , is poised to host their first ever “Happy Gelato Party” this Saturday, July 18. Made with milk instead of cream, gelato is a richly decadent dessert that is actually less fattening than traditional American ice cream.


Canton Real Estate: Canton Gets "Spooky"

By a show of hands,” asks the Canton Ghost Tour's guide Leisa Wilkie, “how many people here believe in ghosts?” Of the small group gathered at dusk outside of the Canton Fire Department, a couple of arms go up in the air. “How many believe there’s no such thing?” she asks. A couple more hands are raised. And then comes her final inquiry: “How many of you are not sure?”

Atlanta Commercial Real Estate-Beware Of Build Out

Certain commercial leases allow a tenant to build out space and be reimbursed by the landlord for such buildout. In the current economic climate, however, a landlord may be having financial difficulty or default on its mortgage and be unable to reimburse the tenant for the buildout.