“KC House Whisperer” Announces Unique “Green” Building Services

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If you are a Kansas City homeowner or are looking to become a Kansas City homeowner, owning a home can be rewarding and challenging at the same time.  Over the lifetime of owning a home a number of important "green" home building decisions most likely will arise.  When important "green" home decisions do arise; where do you start, how do you proceed and who do you go to for advice and assistance?  Wouldn't it be great if there was a "green" building expert who had a broad range of "green" real estate and construction experience and a unique skill set that could consult and advise with Kansas City homeowners to provide solutions to most any important "green" home building decision?

 One unique real estate individual, the "KC House Whisperer" now offers Kansas City homeowners unique and expert "green" building real estate consulting services to address and resolve most any important "green" home decision.  Keith Worrel, the "KC House Whisperer", is a "green" real estate expert, consultant and educator in the Kansas City area.  "I was a custom homebuilder, developer and home inspector for nine years which allowed me to acquire unique and extensive real estate and "green" construction experience".  "More recently, I developed and teach many real estate seminars in ‘green home energy efficiency', home remodeling, home buying and home building that educate and protect real estate consumers who are looking to improve energy efficiency, remodel, purchase or build a ‘green' home". 

The "KC House Whisperer" offers Kansas City homeowners new and exciting "green" building services, beginning with a free initial "green" consultation.  These services then can advise Kansas City homeowners on most any important "green" home decision, some of which include: 

 •·         How can I make my home more energy efficient for the best investment?

•·         How can I make my home site more "green" for the best investment?

•·         How can I make my home exterior more maintenance free for the best investment?

•·         If I decide to remodel my home, how do I protect my interests and make sure the project is completed "green" with quality and on time?

•·         If I decide to buy another home, how can I get the most "green" quality built home for the best price and how do I protect my interests?

"Because of my wide range of ‘green' real estate construction, consulting and educating experience; I feel I can partner with Kansas City homeowners to consult, advise and resolve most any important ‘green' home decision".  "My goal as the "KC House Whisperer" is to provide Kansas City homeowners a central resource of ‘green' real estate knowledge and consulting services that can address and resolve any important ‘green' home decision".  "If I cannot assist you in addressing and resolving your ‘green' home decision, I will refer you to someone who can". 

 The next time you have an important "green" home building decision, begin addressing the decision by contacting the "KC House Whisperer"; ‘Solutions for Home Decisions & Issues'


Keith Worrel

"The KC House Whisperer"

Website: kchousewhisperer.com

Cell: (913)940-0395

Office: (913)780-9663

Email: kworrel@comcast.net


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