Chandler Homes: Southwest Paradise Revealed!

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It's quite a feat to picture Chandler, AZ as anything other than the modern, bustling suburb it is today, but a mere 90 years ago, the city was just a dusty train stop in the Old Arizona Territory.  Thank goodness a veterinary surgeon by the name of Dr. Alexander John Chandler had the foresight to envision something more.  And this vision is what paved the way for the Chandler of today that we know and love: a prime destination for golf aficionados; a high-tech "silicon" oasis with companies like Intel and Orbital Sciences; and a family-friendly hub offering exceptional education, employment and residential opportunities.  Its southeast valley location is a boon as well, conveniently situated to provide easy access to virtually all of Phoenix via the Valley's comprehensive freeway system.  So if you're chomping at the bit for a new and exciting life, it would behoove you to discover all that this southwest stead has to offer, including the wide array of Chandler Homes that are currently available.  You're sure to find a treasure trove of real estate riches, including numerous deals just waiting for the savvy investor to stumble upon them!

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