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Its been sometime since I have blogged, but found some of my old coaching materials and thought this could be for some interesting discussion.  In my past sales management life (medical sales), I had a list of 10 rules that I thought were critical to ones success in our industry (it had lead me to be a top producer in our industry.)  I feel that most of them hold true in the Real Estate Sales World as well.  I have taken 8 of the 10 and attached them below.  Also, as I am talking about a "call" below, this can be any interaction whether it be face to face or on the phone with your clients.


1.  Be in front of your customer/prospects

  • Make sure you are seeing the regularly
  • Be in front of your key targets often.  If your not seeing them often enough, you can bet your competition is.

2.  Have a plan for each and every call you make.

  • Frame the call-Make sure you tell your customer/prospect what you are there to cover and what you expect the outcome to be.
  • Know what you need to accomplish and write it down before the call.  5 minutes of planning can mean the difference between a good call and a GREAT call

3.  Ask the right questions.  

  • These can always depend on the situation, and what you are needing to accomplish.  In the past these were situation questions so I could get as much needed info as possible.

4.  Set expectations of yourself AND of your client.

  • Let the customer know what they can expect from you, as well as what your expectations are of the client.
  • If the customer says they will provide you information, you should EXPECT IT!  If they don't have it, it is your job to ask "why not?".

5.  Build a Value Proposition

  • Understand the needs of the customer.
  • Show how you can address their needs with our services.
  • Remember, WE ARE SELLING A PARTNERSHIP, this is where we show it.

6.  Make sure the details are are managed throughout the process.

  • Are all the documents signed?  Are all internal parties onboard and understand timelines and expectations?
7.  Present a proposal and not pricing.
  • It is too easy to drop off pricing with a cusomter and then say "Here it is!".  We have all been guilty of this.  It shows you appreciate the client's time if more attention is paid to a Value Proposition and not just pricing.
  • Show the customer how, based off of their needs assessment, how we can provide a partnership.  Walk them through the proposal, and even though   they want to hurry and get to the pricing portion, control the urge to move ahead.  What you have to say needs to be heard.....again.
  • You can't drive a point home too many times.  A person ususally doesn't really receive a message until they hear it 9 times!!!!!!  Think about how many times you have said something of value to a client, and they probabaly still haven't head us.  keep telling them why US!!!
  • "Well, just let me know when you make a decision".  ARRRGGHHHHHH!!  This is not a close, its hoping they call and HOPE IS NOT A STRATEGY!
  • Ask for the business, "Would you agree we have addressed your needs as you have laid them out for us?"  "What would prevent you from moving forward today with our company?".  From here you should be able to bring it home!

Probably most of these things you are already doing.  However, in my market, if your not, I can assure you that if we are working on the same leads, and you are NOT doing these thing.......... I should have a promising year!!

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