Is There a Limit to Home Prices?

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Do you have plans to buy a home soon? If so, has it occurred to you that some of the homes you inspect may be overpriced? They may be priced too high for the market.

How would you recognize that kind of situation? Should you assume that all houses are overpriced and make low offers on all of them until one is accepted?

Relax. There's a way to assure yourself of becoming a satisfied homeowner without taking the risk of paying too much. Consider for a moment how prices are set on the homes you will be seeing.

Some prices are arrived at by the owner's "guess-timation:, while others are decided only after thorough investigation of the present real estate market by knowledgable real estate agents. The latter involves careful study of homes for sale now as well as those which have sold recently. As a result, homes listed for sale with a highly successful real estate agent tend to be priced fairly up-front, from the very beginning.

Thus, by selecting your agent carefully, you can be assured of having a gnerous selection of homes from which to choose without having to worry about pricing. You'll be able to focus your concentration on features which fit your lifestyle and enjoy the process of choosing your next home...a satisfying experience.


Jay Burnham
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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Scott Hoen
Carson City, NV
VP, Nevada State Manager, 714-270-9607

Selecting experienced agents to represent you pay dividends in the end and ultimately the price of real estate continue to rise over time.  Rely on your agent rather than the Zillow or Cyberhomes of the world.  You just have to be prepared to whether the storms along the way.

Aug 03, 2009 07:40 PM