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Lake Linganore Subdivision

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As a resident of Pinehurst in Lake Linganore I want to point out a couple of the reason why we love our neighborhood.

In today's world where we all struggle to find time and ways to exercise. Lake Linganore has a multitude of avenues to explore.  4 lakes to use for fishing, hiking, kayaking, canoe. Most Likely because of this natural water source the wildlife is exceptional. As My husband and I were walking around the lake the other night. We came across a Doe that had just given birth to 2 fawns. A few minutes later the blue heron flew gently overhead with its enormous wing span, and elegant flight. Later in the walk we passed a human Mom running on the path, pushing her triplets. As we ending our walk we came across a family of ducks at the lakes edge. Every time we take a walk we come across a new find, or meet a new friend.

As we returned home we came across the patch of wild raspberries growing in the woods behind our home. It just continues to amaze me how much we still have to explore without ever starting the car.