Ok, Is it Me, or Are The Lenders Purposely Losing My Files?

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I know, I've heard it from many realtors who deal with short sales.  I've been diligently logging my calls to Chase among other lenders, and seriously, can they be this incompetent?! I called them 5 times last week and got 5 different phone numbers to Fax my short sale packages into.  When I tried to confirm the numbers, I was told by the reps that they are constantly changing numbers and there's no way for them to confirm the numbers.  I spend hours putting together the short sale packages with proposals and loan numbers on every page because I know how they are.

One day, I'm authorized to speak to them, the next day, they don't have me in their records. 

They are either incompetent, have very messed up systems or there's a big consipiracy.  Either way, it is NOT good.  I'm leaning towards conspiracy.  I'm sure 5 years from now someone from the inside will write a book and prove me right.  So glad I can record my thoughts.  If something happens to me, you know the banking industry "done me in".

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Dale Baker
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Howdy there Mary

Sure do hope they don't do you in. LOL, Seems like ever sense the gov. has been telling the big banks what to do. The banks are taking it out on ever else.


Jul 21, 2009 02:50 PM