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How I became a millionaire

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Silver Hill Realty
I remember back when black planet first came out. I really just was not feeling it. Then I found college club and it opened up a whole new world to me. Whereas I used to go to the club on nightly basis to meet girls, I could just go online and set up a weeks worth of dates with just a few clicks and chat sessions. I was addicted!

Once i graduated it became pointless. There were no colleges around. After a 3 year sabbatical from cyberspace I found myspace. It was like collegeclub on steroids. I spent countless hours a day meeting new people, but soon it became nothing more than a spam box and a popularity contest. Not only that, I became too busy trying to become a millionaire (which I did). It was time for another sabbatical.

Now I am back in cyberspace and I am a slight bit confused. Facebook, blogger, youtube, twitter… what is going on? What is the point of all these applications? Is it pure marketing and networking genius, or has the public just gone crazy with a new fad? Just how connected can you be and does it really keep you as connected as they say?

I constantly get people asking me questions about money and how I became so rich so quick (yet no one asked me how I lost it). Everyone always wants to know the secret of success. Truth be told, there is no secret, however there is a formula. Not only am I going to share that formula, but I am going show you as it happens.

Like the rest of the world I took a hit with the downturn of the real estate market and lost my short lived millionaire status. Now I’m on a mission to get it back. It took me 3 years to go from being broke to becoming a millionaire the first time, now my goal is to do it half that time, by dec 31st, 2010.

Over the next 90 days I am going to conduct a test on these new social media and post my life.

For all my friends and family I am going to post my secrets to success step by step and you can watch me, join me, or follow me as i become a millionaire again by dec 31st, 2010. Here is what you can expect:

• Atleast 1 youtube video/week
• Daily facebook update
• Twitter a few times a day
• Atleast 1 blog per week.

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