It may be a “bad market” – but good properties are going fast!

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The Florida Association of Realtors published an article recently about the bidding wars that we have seen on some low priced homes in the Florida market.  It is an interesting phenomenon - many people expect to be able to get homes at far less than the asking price, but we are now seeing cases of homes selling for MORE than the asking price.

In this kind of economy, that is certainly not what you'd expect!  But there are underlying reasons behind this situation.  These "bidding wars" are not breaking out on every property - in fact, the reason this is happening is because these properties are a rarity.  In a market filled with foreclosures and short sale properties, many in disrepair and banks taking months to even respond to offers, a home in good shape with a standard sale procedure in a good area is a hot commodity.  The old rules are still in play - location, location, location - with a new twist: priced right, priced right, priced right!

So how can you get that perfect property?  First off, it is important to act quickly.  Offers will be coming in rapidly, and you want to be sure to get yours in and have a chance to respond to other offers if necessary. 

Second, cash offers are greatly preferred at the moment.  If you can place a cash offer, you may be able to beat out some higher offers that require financing and waiting time for the seller.

Finally, have representation!  An exclusive buyer's agent can help you structure your offer to be most attractive while ensuring that you are still protected.  We offer advice and opinions based on our past experience in these kinds of situations. We can help you control the emotion of the situation - and warn you if you are overpaying. 

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Pat Whitehouse
RE/MAX 1st Olympic Lynchburg Va - Lynchburg, VA

Paula-They are indeed. Price it right and it will sell. :-)

Jul 22, 2009 05:39 AM
ralph herrell

I just tried to buy a condo on a short sale which didn't happen because i got outbid by this exact thing "cash offer".  I just know i gave better price, i don't get why bank would want to sell for less!

Now i lost the other 2 properties i liked and am back to square 1, seems like tax credit will expire befor I can work out a short sale deal...not good for me!


Jul 24, 2009 06:16 AM


Jul 28, 2020 08:12 AM


Jul 28, 2020 08:12 AM