Energy Saving Tips

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In our current economic climate, we are constantly looking for ways to save energy and lower the cost of our monthly electric bill.  There are lots of small, simple steps you and your family can take in order to save money and improve the environment.  Coldwell Banker Select Professionals has compiled the follow list of suggestions to make your home and habits more energy efficient.

  1. Make sure your dishwasher and washing machine are completely full before you run them.  Also, consider line drying your clothing and air drying your dishes.  Remember, it is not more economical to hand wash dishes-the dish washer will use less water.
  2. Install a programmable thermostat so you can reduce your energy consumption when no one is home-there is no need to overly heat or cool a house while you're at work.  In addition, pull the drapes at night and when you're not home to prevent heat escape.
  3. Start using compact fluorescent bulbs as opposed to incandescent and plug all your appliances into a power strip.  This allows you to turn off the strip when the appliance is not in use.  Surprisingly, appliances plugged into an outlet will continue to use power even after they're turned off.
  4. Clean the filters in your air conditioner and furnace during months of heavy use because dirty filters cause the units to work longer and harder than necessary. Also, consider insulating your hot water heater to make it more efficient.
  5. Fill up your refrigerator-all the cold food helps prevent the fridge from loosing coolness when you open it.  Also, use your microwave while cooking as often as possible-it is likely the most energy efficient cooking appliance in your home!

Hopefully the above tips will allow you to save on your future electric bills.  Please contact Coldwell Banker Select Professionals if you're looking for personal service and have questions regarding listing your home in Lancaster PA, York PA, Harrisburg PA, Lebanon PA, Hershey PA and Cumberland County.  Be sure to connect with one of our agents at  We have local offices serving all of Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Hershey, Harrisburg, and Cumberland County PA.

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