Boy Wonder Comes to Brooklyn, NY

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They may not live here anymore, but when filmmakers Michael Morrissey and John Scaccia needed a location for their new thriller they proved their hearts remain in the Borough of Brooklyn. The film, entitled “Boy Wonder,” was shot in part last weekend in the quiet, residential neighborhood of Marine Park. We were there to see the action.

As Realtors servicing Brooklyn, David and I always keep an eye on neighborhood events. When we noticed the film trucks parked along Fillmore Avenue and got a glimpse of the crew, we approached producer John Scaccia to find out details about the project. Explaining our roles as active Realtors and writers representing the local area we asked why our quiet community was chosen as the venue for this film, a gripping and suspenseful crime drama. Mr. Scaccia explained that Michael Morrissey, who wrote and directed “Boy Wonder,” was born and raised in Marine Park and fondly recalled the neighborhood, believing it would be a perfect setting for his film. He retraced his roots to shoot this neat crime story in the neighborhood he knows and remembers.

The film’s plot centers around a teenager who seeks to avenge his mother’s murder, which he witnessed as a child. Here is a brief synopsis of the film, written by Mr. Morrissey:

“Boy Wonder is the story of Sean Donovan, a young boy whose life is dramatically altered when he witnesses his mother's death in a brutal car jacking. Sean grows up into a strong young man, and at age 17 continues to search for his mother's killer. The boundaries between justice and revenge begin to blur, and Sean finds himself drawn into an underworld. While investigating a series of vigilante murders, new homicide detective, Teresa Ames, takes interest in Sean and his case. Yet the closer Teresa gets to Sean, the more her suspicions start to rise. Teresa and Sean engage in a twisting game of cat and mouse, allies by day enemies at night.”

This is one picture we want to see. The story is set in Brooklyn and the main character, Sean Donovan, attends private high school in our borough. Based on the description, “Boy Wonder” has an edgy and gritty plot that should appeal to film aficionados seeking a tense movie-going experience sure to leave a lasting impression. It should be a winner and we look forward to its release.

As it turns out, the filming took place at night in a small realty home. These starter homes have become popular with first-time homebuyers looking to move to Marine Park while seeking an affordable yet attractive alternative to renting. Mr. Scaccia told us that as writer and former local resident, Mr. Morrissey wanted the film to be authentic. This style of home represented the typical Marine Park house of his youth, adding a sense of realism to the story. As residents of Marine Park for nearly 18 years, we have seen neighborhoods evolve but there are always things that stay the same, adding history, charm and a sense of nostalgia and belonging. It inspires creative folks like Michael Morrissey and John Scaccia to come back for awhile. That’s a good thing for art and for Brooklyn.

“Boy Wonder is John Scaccia’s eighth production. In 2007 he co-produced the film “Descent.” His other production credits include “Kiss Me Again” (2006), “2BPerfectlyHonest” (2004), “Sucker Punch” (2003) and the TV series “Straight Up” in 2002. Boy Wonder is writer/director Michael Morrissey’s first film. We wish them both great success with this project.

For more information about “Boy Wonder” and producer John Scaccia’s background, as well as a list of the cast and crew, visit the following links:

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