Waiting for service

Real Estate Sales Representative with Elkins-Gazabat Real Estate Services

Over the last few days I have had the 'pleasure' of waiting for people to show up.  First I spent an entire afternoon waiting for the cable company technician to show up to work on the cable tv service at my home.  As may of you know, the cable company can't give you a specific time they will arrive, just a time frame. (mine was between noon and 5pm) I knew in advance and was able to plan my day accordingly and patiently awaited said cable tech.  Well at about 2:30pm he finally showed up. He proceeded to go through his routine, checking all the outlets, climbing the pole out back twice and finally about 4:30pm, pronounced he was finished and all was well! I bid him adieu and he was on his way.  My husband came home from work about a half hour later and when he tried to turn on the tv, there was nothing!  I grabbed the new remote and pushed a dozen or so buttons and still nothing!  I picked up the phone and called the cable company.  After pushing 37 different buttons before I finally got through to a human, I was informed that there appeared to be an issue with our service and they would be happy to schedule a tech to come out!!  As you can guess, I was less than pleased!  I reminded the poor guy on the phone that I had just spent the day waiting for a tech and didn't have time to wait for another.  The person was apologetic and promised to put in the trouble ticket with a special request for someone to call me and further promised that they would actually make an appointment with me...  It's been three days and still no phone call!!!  I decided to chalk it up to one company giving poor service, until today!  Today I was scheduled to meet with an electrical inspector to do a final inspection on some work that was done for a client of mine.  It took a couple days to get this inspector nailed down but was assured that he would be at the site today between 9am and 10 am.  I double checked and told them I had keys in hand and would be waiting for him at 9am.  At 8am I received a call telling me that the inspector had contacted the electrician and told him it would "be closer to 10am" before he could get to my job site, so not to arrive until closer to 10am.  Okay, no problem!  The electrician told me that 9:45am would be early enough... sounds good right??  In spite of my instructions from the electrician, i arrived on site at 9:30am, not wanting to miss the inspector. Well, it is now going on 2:30pm and the inspector still hasn't arrived!! 

The question that begs to be asked is "What ever happened to customer service????" 

I strive to give my customers the best customer service possible and could not imagine doing business the way these industry people do!