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Ahhh, Arizona... Can't you just picture it? Prickly Saguaros silhouetted against a vibrant, almost painted, desert sunset, with its vivid colors of orange, pink, and purple grazing the tops of the westerly mountains before fading under an equally magnificent star-filled sky... And that's just one vision of a region that boasts some of the most beautiful, fascinating scenery and panoramas in all the nation, if not the world!  If you're one of the lucky ones who has experienced it, you can understand it...In fact, you probably live here!  And if you haven't, why not?!?!  For those in the latter group, we welcome you with open arms to our glorious state and invite you to come see what we, as residents, have the privilege of being surrounded by on a daily basis. Once you're here, we know we've got you for life, so your next step will be to secure a permanent residence. The Phoenix Metro area is the perfect place to start your search, since real estate here has almost as much to offer as the land itself!  So check it out, in all its glory, at AZ Living Guide - it's a virtual trip into your future, but take it from us, pictures don't do the reality justice!

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