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Despite the beliefs of many, Phoenix living can most certainly be a beautiful and enjoyable experience.  Of course it gets hot - we all know that - but it's not always so. In fact, we have an incredibly wide array of climates here, as well as topography, foliage, and wildlife.  All in a day's drive you can go from the awe-inspiring wonderment of the Grand Canyon, to forests with ski-resorts, to desert, and finally to the cultural outposts of Tucson and, ultimately, the Mexican border. It's pretty amazing to live in a place so diverse and hospitable... Our abundant sunshine allows for a plethora of opportunities for healthy outdoor recreation such as hiking (we have numerous, set-aside parks and wilderness areas), biking, boating, swimming, river rafting (yes, we have water here), camping, hunting, and even snow skiing!  With my great website, Home Blog Phoenix, you can delve even deeper into the realms of this thriving locale, and it will even present you with all the currently available homes for sale in the area.  Because once you find out the inside scoop about Phoenix and the state of Arizona, I just know you'll be chomping at the bit to live here, too!   

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