Lake Norman Real Estate, BofA Marketing Through Brokerages

Real Estate Agent
Just read an article on Inman news about Bank of America partnering with brokerages for marketing. Read the Inman News Article. If you want to know my opinion on this subject please read this post: Lake Norman Real Estate, Choose Your Lender Wisely. You will see by this post that I believe the service you get is much more important than giving someone and online place to apply for a loan(which is more marketing than anything else in this case). How many people does it take.... Personally I would prefer my clients not talk to someone accross the country from Lake Norman and Charlotte and then pass it along to someone else etc. .... Where is the personal service and personal touch. Maybe my recent experience is not the norm, however in talking to some of my peers, they have had similar experiences with the Bigger institutions. If people talking help improve the service, then maybe some of us will develop a different opinion.

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