How and why to get on the Twitter Bus

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I have been driving this point home to the agents who work for me and the people I do business with daily.  The twitter bus is leaving the station and those who get on the bus now are going to get the "best" seats.

Twitter is the fastest and easiest way to dig into the social networking scene.  The mere simplicity of this application positions it for success.  Here is the principle, make an account, find people who interest you to follow, tweet things of interest.  The twitter format asks the question we all ask in our daily non-virtual lives, "What are you doing".  You only have 140 characters to answer this question.    That in a nutshell is twitter 101.

Now you have figured that part out probably without having read this blog.  Some little known facts to consider.  Twitter is doubling in size every 90 days.  DOUBLING!  There is a reason it is doubling......  IT WORKS.  None of the awkward nonsensical content just a simple this is what I am doing.

I have been very successful in my career as a Realtor and now as the Broker Manager of one of the fastest growing and completely professional real estate offices in St. Louis.  I can't tell you how often I am asked, "What are you doing to be successful?".  Now I can simply share on Twitter that I am watching this video, or attending this training, or reading this book, or meeting with this professional and all those people who think I have it right can pick and chose what of those things interest them in their business plan.  Why would I share this?  Well because I too am following them and watching what they are doing and find that things that have occurred to them to investigate have NEVER occurred to me.    Here is a news flash, there are people MUCH smarter than me out there, I want to see what they are doing so I can learn from them.

Here are a few tips I have learned since I got on the Twitter bus

Before you start upload a photo and complete your Bio, I look at these before I select a stranger to follow to see if they are of interest to me.

Search for people of interest to you, you can do this by simply hitting find friends and typing in a search like the name of your city, profession or topic you are looking for.  Follow them (a percentage of them will follow you back.) is a nice place to post your info and get more followers as well as a good place to seek out followers by different search criteria

Follow those who follow you, check out Twitter Karma

Retweet - Retweeting is basically copying and pasting something someone else tweeted  (-:  So you get to post something that you think is GREAT info.  There is retweet etiquette, when retweeting type RT (to show folks it is a retweet)  then recognize the person you got this from @(user name)  It is a way of thanking someone who shared some great info with you.  Retweeting is REALLY one of the best things you can master on twitter. 

A direct message.  If you want to respond directly to someone simply type @username  this will clearly define your message is directed to the recipient of your choice.

Let me close with a few thoughts, you can't break twitter, you can't understand it until you get out there and use it.  Social networking is where the people are today, you should be there too.  You may think you don't have time to add a new process to your day but I ask you, Can you afford not to?

Go to to create an account, then be sure to follow me, I will follow you back (-:






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