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So, as I ran at the park this morning...I began to realize what a truly WONDERFUL city Millbrook is to live in.  As I circled the track time and time again, (4 exhausting miles to be exact) I noticed the smallest of details.  Now, I must say, this was not my first time at this park...nor was it any different than the last year I have been faithfully running there.  For some unknown reason, I was struck with an overwhelming sense of 'homeness' this morning.  As I watched a mom and her son swing on the wooden playground overlooking the small running creek, I realized how peaceful this park really was.  About that time, some rather condemned city employees (yes, the prisoners) showed up to do their regular maintenance work at the park.  So, under normal circumstances I am rather annoyed by the lawn mower, weed eater, and grass clipping that fly all over me as I try to run.  This morning however, I felt so lucky that I live in a city that takes the time to maintain the park as consistently as they do.  The grass is always nicely manicured, sidewalks blown off, litter free...and down right beautiful.  The park has become so much more than a daily exercise place...it has become a getaway...a peaceful, serene, safehaven for me.  Additionally, I am sure that every family that come out, must sense the same thing.   Apparently my epiphany at the park opened the flood gates to my gratefulness. :) 

As I made the drive from the park to my office, I couldn't help but notice the small businesses and quaint shops that line the street.  What at first glace appears to be run down and old buildings, with a closer look, show what Millbrook is all about.  This city of full of 'good ole' people that support one another...always have and always will.  This was epitomized as I pulled up to The Village (my office center).  There is a small boutique there...The Studio.  I have no idea how, but the employees there remember EVERY single person's name.  Not only do they remember their name, but also what they like, what they don't like, and what they need to buy for their sister's birthday! :)  Yes...that is Millbrook.  The people remember everything!  It's like a family reunion...they remember stuff you didn't even know they knew.  I guess that is what makes it special here though...that sense of community.  We all like to know that someone cares...and cares enough to remember.   

This weekend is Millbrook's annual Summerfest at The Pines Golf Course.  Summerfest has become somewhat of a tradition here.  There will be fattening food :), artsy crafts, live music, kooky kids activities, & a FABULOUS FIREWORKS display that is unparalleled in the area.  Picnic blankets & lawn chairs cover the 1st tee box and 9thgreen area of the golf course.  Everyone comes prepared to have a great time!  No detail will be missed, no area left unprepared.  The large tents and canopies have already began to go up.  It will be a time that the city comes together to celebrate the community we live in, the people we share it with, and how fortunate we are to be a part of it.  I can't wait!

I should probably close with filling you in on a little information about myself.  I am originally from a similar...yet very different city just north of here.  Upon graduation from high school, I attended Auburn University.  From there, I spent 3 years in one of the largest cities in this country....Atlanta, GA.  As I sat here comparing all of the places I have lived...I am SO immensely proud to call myself a resident of Millbrook, AL.  Yes, Auburn had wonderful parks to run in.  Yes, Atlanta has fabulous festivals throughout the year.  Somehow though, Millbrook has captured my heart...its genuine Southern charm, its attention to details, its compassionate people, its sense of community....ITS 'HOMENESS.  I feel honored, blessed, and incredibly lucky to call Millbrook my home!