Free tool kit with your inspection.

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I'm currently running a special on my website for home buyers in need of an Inspection.  A few weeks ago I inspected a home and the lady was a renter of the home and was thinking of purchasing the home.  She made a few jokes during the inspection about the fact that she didn't have certain tools that most homeowners should, (screwdriver, hammer, level, etc.), so it made me feel privileged to hand her the free kit with most of the things she needed as a homeowner inside.  

When I first started offering the free kit I thought it might be a silly idea.  But after meeting her I realized that many 1st time home buyers don't own even the simplest tools! 

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Annette Demers
Century21 American Homes - Morganton, NC

You inspected my home and I did not get a free tool kit!

Jul 24, 2009 02:32 PM