Top Ten Tips for Sellers - Tip #1: Address all maintenance issues

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Top Ten Tips for Sellers

To Help You Maximize Your Selling Price, Reduce Selling Time and Make It a Much More Rewarding Experience.

Tip #1: Address all maintenance issues and invest in high impact cosmetic upgrades

A poorly maintained home will cause buyers to wonder what larger issues have been neglected. If a house is not move-in-ready potential buyers will either cross that home off the list or make a low ball offer justified by calculating repair costs at grossly inflated rates.

Sellers tend to put off maintenance and upgrades until it’s time to market their home. The best time to begin the process is right after you move in. That way the cost is spread out through the entire ownership period, the investment is protected and you can enjoy your house to the fullest while you still live there.

Click the Links Below to Read Preventative Maintenance Tips:

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If you are planning on selling in less than 3 months you may also want to:

·  Schedule a Home Inspection with Certified Home Inspector:  :  Click here for more information...

·  Create a checklist of crucial items that need to be repaired or updated. Determine whether you can do repair or need to hire out. Schedule a day and time to start work. Then, just do it

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