Deck building: Asheville deck inspections and construction

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As an Asheville N.C. home inspector I've notice a lot of crumbling decks this summer.  Summer is a great season for taking care of your deck.  Don't be afraid to kick the railing look for signs of deterioration.  I've built many decks in the past that I've watched loose their life early due to poor maintenance.  If your deck is showing signs of wear it's time to perform a little maintenance.  Pour some water on your deck, if the water is absorbed by the wood it's time for more sealer.  The next step would be to pressure wash the deck and then apply a good sealer.  Spend some time researching the best sealer for your part of the country.  If your deck looks like the one pictured above, tear it down and rebuild.  This was a deck that was around 25 years old and had never been maintained.  The homeowner chose to go with composite decking on the new deck.  Composite decking comes with a warranty and is said to last a lifetime.  The best thing about composite decking is that it's maintenance free and is not supposed to rot or deteriorate.  Plus it's comes from recycled material.  It is costly but I think it's worth the extra expense.  If your uncertain about the condition of your deck, give me a call, I'll be able to assess the situation and direct you in the correct direction.


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